Production & co-production

Oriente Occidente Dance Festival hosted, through special productions, European or national premières, the most important and significant companies and artists of the international dance scene. There are numerous companies and shows produced or co-produced by the Festival:

In 2020 Oriente Occidente Dance Festival co-produced: Centaur, the new creation by Pontus Lidberg Dance and Danish Dance; Sonoma by Marcos Morau and his company La Veronal; Merce Cunningham Trust with the creation conceived specifically for the 40th edition of Oriente Occidente Cunningham centennial solos performed both in the theatre and as a site specific in different squares of Rovereto; Un Peep show per Cenerentola by Antonio Viganò / Teatro la Ribalta; Michela Lucenti / Balletto Civile with the site specific MAD-Museo antropologico del danzatore; Perspectiva. Vedere attraverso by Silvia Dezulian & Filippo Porro - Collettivo Azioni Fuori Posto a site specific conceived for some of the neighbourhoods on the suburbs of Rovereto.
Oriente Occidente co-produced also: Echoes - Danze trasparenti by Cristina Kristal Rizzo, C'est pas grave by Cie MF (Francesco Colaleo e Maxime Freixas), Gravity (and other attractions) by Costas Lamproulis and Un-Label and part of the project Impart Creative Europe.
Lastly, the Festival co-produced Genealogia_Time specific by Luna Cenere and Pastorale by Daniele Ninarello, associated artists 2020 together with Marcos Morau.

In 2019 Oriente Occidente Dance Festival co-produced: Hive - our hydrological need of cosmic lines by Pietro Marullo; Zoè | appunti sulla nuda vita by Luna Cenere; Who is Joseph? by Davide Valrosso; #Frontiera by Claudio Bernardo and the company As palavras; Dreamers by Fondazione Nazionale della danza / Aterballetto choreographed by Philip Kratz, Rihoko Sato, Ohad Naharin.

In 2018 Oriente Occidente co-produced:
 A piedi nudi by Compañía Sharon Fridman with the participation of 60 volunteer performers; the new creation of the choreographer Pontus Lidberg, Siren, who sees dancers of the Pontus Lidberg Dance and the Danish Dance Theater; Pasionaria, a national premiere choreographed by Marcos Morau; .Leaders/Kids, national premiere of the Collettivo PirateJenny; a site-specific creation of the Company Xe by Julie Ann Anzilotti entitled Erodiate - Fame di Vento and the world premiere Il Gigante choreographed by Wanda Moretti. 
He is also co-producer of Sogno, una notte di mezza estate by Davide Valrosso, Excelsior by Salvo Lombardo and This is your skin by Irene Russolillo, artists associated with the Festival for the biennium 2017-2018.

In 2017 Oriente Occidente co-produced: Wonderful one of the La Baraka companies choreographed by Abou Lagraa, Bad Lambs by Michela Lucenti presented with her company Balletto Civile, Face Inshow created by Israeli Yasmeen Godder for the Candoco Dance Company.
Coproduced also: Pietro Marullo and Unreal Sets with Wreck - List of extinct species, Natiscalzi DT of Tommaso Monza with Lo Schiaccianoci, Fattoria Vittadini with the show Vanitas choreographed by Francesca Penzo and Jacques-Andre Dupont, Manolo Perazzi and Gruppo E-Motion with Crossover, the company 3D-3dinamiche of Francesca Manfrini with Connections in disorder and Linee, and the company Controra with BRIATA 1_ l’inquietudine.
It is also producer of: Present Continuous by Salvo Lombardo and Wave by Irene Russolillo, both artists associated to the Festival for the biennium 2017-2018.

In 2016 the Festival is co-producer of: Davide Valrosso with I would like to be pop, Tommaso Serratore with Il coraggio di stare, Salvo Lombardo with Casual bystanders, Carla Rizzu with the company Nervitesi which presents L'ultima madre, Collettivo Clochart of Michele Comite with Liberi da Morire, Company Lost Movement driven by Nicolò Abbattista which presents A domani, Gruppo E-motion by Francesca La Cava with the show Apriti ai nostri baci and Luca Veggetti with Scenario worck co-produced with the MART, Museum of Contemporary Art Trento and Rovereto.

In 2015 the Festival is co-producer of: 
A Loan with Irene Russolillo, the show Post-Produzione by Andrea Gallorosso, Fragilità. Manuale di giardinaggio by the company aerea Cafelulé, Muri a vista by Franca Zagatti and Ovo by Labart Contemporary Dance Company of Marco Auggiero, Zero by the company Cuenca/Lauro, Gender play by the company Martina Marini Dance Theater and Maxìm by the company Naturalis Labor.

In 2014 Oriente Occidente co-produced: Michela Lucenti and the company Balletto Civile with In-Erme, Kinesis Danza by Angelo Egarese and Elena Salvestrini with the show Corporeamente, Fabrizio Bernardini and the company Artedanza with E.M Discrasia tra corpo e anima, Collettivo Clochart by Michele Comite with Animali, Sanpapié and Macelleria Ettore with the show Sdegno/Studio 0.1, Francesca Selva company with the project Dance JuiceCompagnia Les Petits Pas of the choreographer Katia Tubini with Vortice.

In 2013 are co-produced: Laura Boato and the company Indaco with On the market: incarnation, beauty, art; Franca Zagatti with the project Danze di vita quotidiana, the company Artea of Elisa Colla with Mètres Carrés, the company Controra with Spring, the company LAM of Wally Holzhauser wirth Paesaggi domestici, the company 3D-3dinamiche of Francesca Manfrini with Vertigo and the company Auditorium Ballet/Iuvenis Danza, of the coreographer Greta Bragantini with Homo-Logo

In 2014 Oriente Occidente co-produced:
 the show Humanology of Mauro Astolfi, Ma-Shalai by the company Petranura Danza Magakles ballet of Laura Odierna and Salvatore Romania, the show Cento di questi giorni by the company Adarte of Paola Vezzosi, Didjeridoos by Marcella Galbusera and the company Arte3, the show Trans-u-mare by the E-Motion Gropu of the choreographer Francesca La Cava and Incontri by Samotracia teatrodanza research group led by Max Cuccaro and Danilo Valsecchi.

 2010 and 2011 Oriente Occidente co-produced:  company Nervitesi of Carla Rizzu with Eat 26 (2010), Adarte of Paola Vezzosi with Alter (2010), Compagnie La Baraka of Abou Lagraa with Un Monde en soi (2010), Jant-Bi by Germaine Acogny and Pierre Doussaint by Songook Yaakaar/Facing up to hope (2010), Rosas of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker with En Atendant (2010).
3D-3dinamiche of Francesca Manfrini with Under the tree's voices (2011).

Between 2008 and 2009 the Festival co-produced: Artemis Danza of Monica Casadei with Codice India. Ineffabile stato di grazia (2008), Compagnie Retouramont of Geneviève Mazin with Présences désaccordées (2008), Compagnie Kaléïdans'Scop of Isabelle Anna with I Speak Kathak, Toros, My Bolero, Trilogy (2008).
Louise Lecavalier - Fou Glorieux with Children choreographed by Nigel Charnock (2009), Teatrofficina Zarogrammi with Inri lavoro choreographed by Stefano Mazzotta (2009).

In 2007 are co-produced: Compagnie Retouramont of Fabrice Guillot and Geneviève Mazin with Présences déracinées (2007), Difé Kako/Guadalupa of Chantal Loïal with Divers-Cités Féminines, Défilé e Bal (2007), Compagnia Naturalis Labor of Luciano Padovani with La Catedral - Nunca antes de la medianoche (2007), Compagnia Simona Bucci with Arresi alla notte (2007), Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni of Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bertoni with the show A Scuola di prove (2007).

Between 2003 and 2006 Oriente Occidente co-produced: Emio Greco with the show Rimasto Orfano (2003), Cie Bud Blumenthal/Hybrid with Les Reflets d'Ulysse (2004), Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni of Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bertoni with the show Ho male all'altro - III Movimento (2005). Luc Petton & Cie with La Confidence des Oiseaux (2006), Compagnie Heddy Maalem with the show Un Champ de Forces(2006), Artemis Danza of Monica Casadei with POèTANZ! Il marciare, il camminare, il baciare (2006)Compagnia Simona Bucci with Studio Hieronimus. Anatomia di una creazione (2006). 

In 2000, 2001 and 2002 The Festival co-produced: Zaha Hadid of Frédéric Flamand with the show Metapolis - Project 972 (2000), Michela Lucenti and Alessandro Berti with L'Agenda di Seattle (2000), Cirque Baroque of Christian Taguet with the show Troie ou les aventuriers de la cité perdue (2001), Compagnia Naturalis Labor of Luciano Padovani with 2, Rue des Pommes (2001), Compagnia Virgilio Sieni Danza with Vento e Variazioni Goldberg (2002).

Between 1997 and 1999 the Festival co-produced: Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni of Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bertoni with the show Mozart Strasse (1997), Compagnia Elettra De Salvo with Omicidi Acrobatici (1998).